With Continia Payment Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get an app that ensures a stable payment process and handles the payment to your suppliers and the subsequent reconciliation of bank accounts completely automatically. With the unique work process, the payments are approved and sent directly to the bank in a synchronous work process, after which you immediately receive a receipt for the payment.
Continia Payment Management is integrated between your Business Central and your bank..

Continia Payment Management is a unique communication solution that makes it possible to send payments from Business Central directly to your bank.

Stable and Secure Payment Process

Your benefits of joining subscription

Direct Communication with the Bank

Full Integration with a Wide Range of Banking Formats

Help with Setting up Bank Accounts and Supplier Payment Information

Advanced Configuration of Payment Records

Payments to several Banks via one Payment Journal

Increased Security and Minimization of Errors
The direct communication with the bank increases the security of your company’s payment procedure and eliminates the risk of errors. It is therefore completely safe to download exchange rates, save deposit files and bank statements from the bank and to load bank account reconciliation files, as it all takes place directly in your Business Central.

Watch or review the webinar on Document Capture and Payment Management, where we dive into the smart features and benefits that Continia’s two solutions possess.

Learn more about how Document Capture streamlines and automates all phases of day-to-day document management – including bookkeeping. In addition, you can hear more about how you with Payment Management can stabilize your company’s payment flow with direct communication to the bank