With this Report Package for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get a complete package of ten standard report printouts. You get a more user-friendly and flexible way to customize your printouts than what is standard in your Dynamics 365 Business Central.
And at the same time they match the Danish standard.

Does your company send out invoices, credit notes and orders to your customers? And do you need to be able to easily and simply customize what information and references should be included on your report transcipts?

Total package with 10 report templates

Your benefits of joining subscription

Flexible and User-friendly Report Customization

Customize, Hide and Show fields with just one click

Get 10 reports that match the Danish Standard

Avoid Expensive Customizations

Easily Add and Edit message texts (Danish, German and English)

Easily customize the fields in your reports
You can control which information is to be displayed and in what order it is to be displayed. If there are fields you want to hide on one or more prints, simply select this field. Easy and simple.

Easily add message texts – in multiple languages
You can easily add a standard message text to your report transcripts, in Danish, English and German. You can edit the text to match what you want to inform about. It could be “We are closed for holidays in weeks 29, 30 and 31”. With just a few clicks, you can customize and adjust what should appear on your report printout.

Basic Package


1-3 Users

Standard Package


4-9 Users

Premium Package


10-19 Users

The start-up price is $ 700 and includes installation, setup, testing, manual and 60 minutes of teaching.
If you have wishes for specific adjustments, it will be made as a separate agreement.