With this Subscription module for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get a solution where your system automatically ensures that your charges are carried out. You do not have to enter customer invoices manually, as the system handles it for you. It gives you an easier, faster and more error-free posting every month.

Does your company send out subscription charges – which can be either fixed or periodic – to your customers? Do you need an easier and faster way to handle your charges?

Get easier, faster and more error-free posting.

Your benefits of joining subscription

Automotive subscription charging

Avoid manual entries on customer invoices

Avoid manual entries on customer invoices

Easily pull a report on your subscriptions

Easy and Simple Charging of Subscriptions
You can easily create a subscription charge on a customer, where you set the start date and accrue the charge.
After this, the system itself ensures that your customer is automatically charged in the future.

Get a great overview of your subscription Customer
You can easily get a good overview of all your subscriptions. Print a report that quickly shows you which subscriptions you have on your list.
You even have the option of getting a filtered view of earnings on the customer’s subscriptions.

Basic Package


1-3 Users

Standard Package


4-9 Users

Premium Package


10-19 Users

The start-up price is $ 700 and includes installation, setup, testing, manual and 60 minutes of teaching.
If you have wishes for specific adjustments, it will be made as a separate agreement.