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The Job Queue Sequence is solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central that enables system efficiently handles multiple entries, safeguarding against deadlock while efficiently executing job queues with similar processes.  

Its functionality extends to orchestrating the seqal execution of sub job queues within a primary job queue framework. Furthermore, it incorporates a notification mechanism, alerting users via email in instances of job queue failures, whether they occur within standard job queues or sub job queues. This comprehensive approach ensures smooth operation and timely resolution of any encountered issues, thereby enhancing overall system reliability and user experience. 

How to get Started 

Download the application from App Source. The application will be downloaded in Business Central as an extension.  

After the extension is installed successfully in your Business Central, you will see Notifications on your role center page about Job Queue extension. 

Usage Scenario 

Activate Job Queue Sequence from Setup 

  • Go to Job queue setup by searching in ‘Tell me’ section. 
  • On the activate check for activation of job queue sequence. 
  • Navigate to the newly created job queue from action. 

Navigation from Role Center 

  • You can navigate to Job queue setup, queue entries and log entries directly from role centre under the section ‘Job Queue Sequence’. 

Create Job Queue Entry 

  • Go to Job queue entries by searching in ‘tell me’ section. 
  • Create new job queue entry.

Add Job Queue Sequence 

  • Go to Job queue sequence by searching it in ‘Tell me’ section. 
  • Add job queue sequence by specifying codeunits. 

Start the Job Queue 

  • Start the job queue by adjusting its start time and running it. 
  • Now see the log entries to see the success of job queue. 

View Job Queue Sequence 

  • View the status of job queue sequence after running a job queue, the status may be success or error depending upon the codeunit and its processes. 

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