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Zenegy Payroll System is integration between Zenegy and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app paves the way for effective workflows when managing pay; set up the integration and allows data to flow effortlessly between the systems.  

Running your payroll runs in Zenegy and using Microsoft Business Central for the company’s bookkeeping, means that you are just a few clicks away from setting up a unique integration between the two systems, ensuring smooth workflows while also saving time and providing a great overview 

How to get Started? 

Download the application from App Source. The application will be downloaded in Business Central as an extension. 

After the extension is installed successfully in your Business Central, you will see Notifications on your role center page about Zenegy Payroll extension 

Usage Scenario 


  • Click on Register action from Zenegy notifications. 
  • Fill in the required fields and click Next. 
  • Select Trial or any other option from the Employees dropdown. Other fields on this page will be updated according to the chosen plan. Click Next 
  • Enter your card details and click on Pay Now to subscribe. After making a payment, click on Next. 
  • After successfully subscribing to Zenegy Payroll, you will see the last step. Click on Finish 


You can perform following actions on this Zenegy Setup page:  

  • To authenticate Zenegy go to Authentication-> Get Access Token. 
  • To upgrade or your registration plan go to Registration->Zenegy Registration Setup.  
  • To sync resources with Zenegy, go to Sync->Sync Resources.  
  • To sync work types with Zenegy, go to Sync->Sync Work Types. 
  • To sync job ledger entries with Zenegy, go to Sync->Sync Job Ledger Entries.  
  • To get departments from Zenegy, go to Sync-> Get Departments.  
  • To view API Logs, go to Sync->API Log. • To reset the Zenegy setup and configuration, go to Settings->Reset Setup 

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