Ejvind Laursen A/S is construction company existed since 1964. Ejvind Laursen offer everything from trucking services, controlled delivery, handling of soil, crushing of various building materials as well as recycling and paving work. Ejvind Laursen A/S carries out all types and sizes of construction tasks for both private and large business customers.

The customer encountered a situation where they needed to generate a sales invoice based on job planning lines. However, the subsequent steps involved navigating to the sales invoice module and subsequently posting the invoice, resulting in a substantial time investment for the bookkeeper.

Hence Ejvind Laursen A/S collaborated with Dynamics Inspire to ease the task for the bookkeeper. Dynamics Inspire provided the solution by introducing Business Central with EAZY Job Invoicing module. It is observed that when sales invoice is being created, the simultaneous creation of planning lines has an impact on the associated job. The integration of sales invoice with the job module in Business Central offer customers better financial management, increased control over cost, and the ability to make data-driven decisions to optimize profitability and achieve their business goals.