The Back Story

Frandsen Entreprenor A/S is a construction company and deals with a wide range of construction tasks, including soil, sewerage, paving, and construction operation. Frandsen Entreprenor A/S also has a trucking permit and runs a trucking business for transporting earth, gravel and stone materials.

Frandsen Entreprenor A/S has been using Artesa for managing their business processes. It became difficult for the company to keep up with Artesa and hence required replacement with a new system. A system that is easier to manage and provides a good visual impression.

Frandsen Entreprenor put their trust on Dynamics Inspire to switch their system from Artesa to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with EAZYwork. EAZYwork is Dynamics Inspire very own add-on and it provides broad overview of all your cases, materials, resources, planning and finances.

With EAZYwork you receive electronic appointments and time sheets, and you get rid of piles of paper and manual work. The replacement of Artesa with Dynamics 365 Business Central with EAZYwork eased the task of paying wages and invoices and kept the shop running during the entire process. Dynamics Inspire understood all the business needs and working of Frandsen Entreprenor A/s. The problems were solved and adjustments that have been needed were taken care of immediately within the fixed schedule and budget.

Our switch from Artesa to Microsoft Business Central with EAZYwork has run incredibly well. It’s been so easy! I am used to looking at many financial systems. Microsoft Business Central with EAZYwork seemed intuitive and immediately gave us good review of our cases, which are otherwise often complicated in an industry where we juggle budgets, sub-budgets, various cost types, accounts and much more.

Heidi Rolskov Warming, Controller

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