Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Switching from NAV to Business Central doesn't have to be difficult (thankfully!)​

In October 2018, the name Microsoft Dynamics NAV was changed to Dynamics 365 Business Central

This means that the update for NAV 2018 is not called ‘NAV 2019’, but instead ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’.

The cloud version of NAV is called Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud (rented solution only – SaaS). The old NAV On-Premise version is called Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise (can be both rented and owned).

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Software is no longer supported

The main risk of Dynamic NAV is that older versions will no longer be supported at some point.

Why is this important? The updates and new versions released by Microsoft do not only contain more functionality, but often also security patches. So possible data leaks are closed. 

You can check in this overview where your version is still supported, and until when 

Navision over the years


NAV was born

It started in Denmark in 1983, when a software company, PC&C A/S later changing to Navision Software A/S, developed a user-friendly IT-solution; offering basic accounting functionalities to a single user. Eventually, Navision expanded to include multiple users and cover a number of processes and departments.


Navision become Microsoft Navision

Microsoft cooperated with Navision Software A/S for some years, whereby eventually acquiring the software company and the ERP-system in 2002. After becoming a part of Microsoft Business Solutions, Navision was named Microsoft Navision. This enabled Microsoft to offer the ERP-system to small and medium-sized businesses.


Microsoft Navision become Microsoft Dynamics NAV

SharePoint technology was used in this period to develop and support cooperation between employees, partners and customers. In 2005 Navision technology’s name was changed to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Different versions under the same name were introduced, with added functionalities and technologies focusing on Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management and Finance.


Dynamics NAV becomes Dynamics 365 Business Central

13 years after that, in 2018, the latest version of Dynamics NAV was introduced. By October 2018, Dynamics NAV was then included in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 universe, running under the name Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a plethora of new features, including an enhanced user interface, upgraded Excel integration and better compliance with the General Personal Data Regulation (GDPR).

These customers upgraded from NAV to Business Central