NATURES Collection is Danish brand famous in selling high quality fur and sheepskins designs. NATURES collection take pride in developing timeless designs from the first sketch to final product. NATURES Collection strives to make brilliant design and style accessible to the largest possible audience. Inspired by the New Nordic Living and with roots deeply grounded in the heartland of Denmark, NATURES collection seeks to bring Nordic design and inspiration to customers around the world.

NATURES collection encountered specific problems related to sales order. When a specific sales order encounters an out-of-stock situation for any quantity of items, the production team faces a challenge in determining the appropriate quantity to produce to meet the requirements. This situation caused difficulty in the business process for NATURES collection and hence needed a smooth solution.

Dynamics Inspire developed EAZY Production Orders module that efficiently handles out-of-stock situations. When an item is out of stock, the module automatically transfers the quantity required to a designated page, allowing the production team to easily identify the exact quantity that needs to be produced. Once the production is completed, the module automatically updates the quantity for the specific order, ensuring accurate fulfillment of the order. It Ensures seamless production. Create orders for out-of-stock items, preventing delays and downtime. Efficiently allocate resources and fulfill customer orders promptly. Optimize inventory management, control costs, and make data-driven decisions. Streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive productivity.