Murersvendenes Finans is a property and management company that owns and operates several residential and commercial properties as well as parking facilities. At the same time, Murersvendenes Finans A/S is the parent company of the construction companies Christiansen & Essenbæk A/S and Murersvendenes Aktieselskabet. The financial functions for the two construction companies are also handled by Murersvendenes Finans A/S, which is also responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the company's properties.

The customer engaged in the practice of procuring resources on rental basis for a specific duration. Hence the customer needed customization in Business Central that can record the details about rental cost process. This rental process also has an impact on the job ledger entries.

Dynamics Inspire provided the solution by creating the Rental module. This rental module keeps the record of all the rental process. As part of the customization process, modifications were made to ensure accurate record-keeping of the rental time. This solution for Business Central brings benefits such as improved billing accuracy, revenue optimization, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, financial analysis, and compliance.