Streamline HR & Payroll process in Dynamics 365 Business Central

HR & Payroll management system

Streamline HR & Payroll process in Dynamics 365 Business Central

HR & Payroll management system

Eazy HRM is HR & Payroll management system. It has all essential functionalities required for business growth. It manages the entire process of employee payments, including tracking and recording hours worked, calculating salaries, and applying necessary deductions in line with company and government regulations.

There are number of HR & Payroll systems that are used as tangible and reliable solution but it is necessary to have a system that fulfills today’s needs of human resource management.

Eazy HRM not only calculates employee payroll but also calculates payroll for resources that are directly or indirectly engaged with specific projects.

EAZY HRM-Payroll Key Features

Comprehensive Employee Features: The system offers customization for storing employee groups, employee relatives’ information, and document details such as passports and visas.

Employee Self-Service: Employees can view their pay slips, attendance records, apply for reimbursements, view reimbursement history, apply for schemes, submit leave requests, and more.

Employee Group Categorization: Employees can be categorized based on assigned employee groups.

Overtime Rules and Calculations: Overtime rules and calculations can be configured on employee groups to ensure compliance with labor laws and company policies. The system’s calculations enable efficient management of overtime and employee salaries.

Allowances and Benefits: The system provides allowances and benefits to employees, which can extend to their parents, spouses, and children.

Automatic Calculation of Deductions: Applied Schemes, Provident or Gratuity savings deductions are automatically calculated when payroll is calculated.

Leave Balance Management: The system manages employees’ leave balance history as per company policies.

Seamless Financial Integration: The system integrates with finance modules, ensuring that payroll data is accurately reflected in the general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable for financial reporting purposes.

Flexible Payroll Setup: Business Central allows for a flexible setup of formulas for earnings, deductions, gratuities, and other payroll elements, tailoring payroll calculations to specific organizational needs.

Attendance Management: Employee and resource attendance can be managed by importing Excel records. Payroll is calculated based on approved attendance.

Payroll Calculation for Employees and Resources: EAZY HR-Payroll provides the capability to calculate payroll for both employees and resources.

Employee and Resource Mapping: One resource can be mapped to one employee for calculating resource earnings such as allowances and deductions like schemes.

Job Ledger Entries for Resources: EAZY HR-Payroll processes payroll for resources to job ledger entries using jobs and job tasks on which resources are working.

Posting Resource and Project Costs: Resource and project costs can be posted to specified accounts in the setup.

Reporting: The software generates timely reports using basic payroll data, providing a comprehensive overview of staff performance and an in-depth analysis of their efficiency and value to the company.


In conclusion, EAZY HRM represents a significant advancement in HR and payroll management, offering seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This comprehensive system not only improves accuracy and scalability but also simplifies complex tasks, paving the way for enhanced productivity and strategic decision-making.

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